Rick Crom has been making me laugh for over 15 years. Stop being such  an asshole and take his class already" 
Jim Norton.  
Opie and Antony, Louie, Tough Crowd,Comedy Central 

"Rick is a great performer and a nice guy.  I recommend his class to anybody who wants to 
jump in and learn the basics."  - 
Jeffrey Ross

Comedy Central Roasts. Author of "I Only Roast the Ones I Love"

Many Stand-up comedy Classes offered in New York City are crammed with up to 20 or more students in a 3 hour session. We believe that leaves insufficient time to acutally work on the material with the instructor after it's presented. We limit or class size to 10 so each student gets ample individual attention while in a group setting. 

  • Why are our classes special? LIMITED CLASS SIZE and 2 LIVE PERFORMANCES.  We work in 2 areas; Writing and performance. Rather than just a critique session, we work with you line by line, individually but in a group setting. That way everybody gets to apply the lessons discussed to their own material. NO MORE THAN 10 PEOPLE PER CLASS! 

  • We will do 5 consecutive (once weekly) sessions in the classroom (About 3 hours each) then a showcase. THEN we will do a 6th session in the classroom to review your video and make notes and adjustments. THEN a 2nd showcase. You will get video of both of your performances. 

  • The overall goal of the beginning and intermediate classes is to provide you with the basic writing and performance skills to develop a 5 to 7 minute stand-up comedy routine that will be performed in 2 separarte Showcases at the Comedy Cellar or the Comedy Cellar  at the Village Underground OR The Comedy Cellar Lounge. (Also at the Underground)

  • NOTE: This is NOT a "story telling" or "improv" course. This is for people who want to learn to do stand-up comedy, like the comedians you see on TV and comedy clubs. PLEASE take a story telling or improv course if you don’t want to do jokes.

  • NOTE: You will be required to write your material down and give a copy to the instructor before working in the class each week.

  • NOTE: Easily offended people do not do well in this class. Politics, sex, race, and religion are frequent topics. While Rick and Veronica will strive to shape the material to professional standards, we cannot guarantee you won’t be offended from time to time. It’s best to focus on what YOU want to say and not worry about others. We are not going to spend time debating issues. Our goal is to make them funny. 

  • NOTE: This class is NOT a way to get booked at the Comedy Cellar. Do not take this class with the idea that the powers that be at the Comedy Cellar will see your performance and consider you to be on their regular shows. The class is NOT connected to the booking arm of the Comedy Cellar. 


  • COMEDY BASICS: For those with very little or absolutely no experience doing stand up before. 

  • RETURNING STUDENTS: For those who have been through our basics class and want to continue to grow at their own pace. Some of our students come back 2 and 3 times!!

  • **There is an invited Pro class for more experienced comedians. Kind of a workshop. E-mail me separately for details.

  • For Comedy Basics  the first session is a detailed overview of everthing the course will focus on; plus a comprehensive lesson on Point of View and Writing Technique. The following classes  will be "work sessions" with the students performing and developing  their material with the guidence of the instructor. In each class the fundementals will be revisited and re-empasized. 

  • Classes will consist of your instructor (Rick Crom or Veronica Mosey) and no more than 10 students.

  • You will learn the elements of joke structure and comedy writing technique. You will then learn how to take all that clever stuff you think  of all day and turn it into presentable stand-up comedy material. 

  • You will learn about different styles of delivery and timing.

  • You will learn the concepts of stage persona, character, and  point of view. This is especially useful to actors who want to learn stand-up. You'll  learn to what to use from your acting training and what NOT to use. 

  • You will learn to recognize and highlight elements of your own personality and how to  write from your own comic perspective.

  • You will learn performance technique. For those of you who rarely speak in front of crowds there are simple yet effective techniques you can use to transform your presentation from timid to masterful. 


The cost for the whole package is $450.00 payable in advance by credit card.

Once enrollment is confirmed all class tuitions and deposits are non-refundable unless the class would be canceled for some reason (Which will not happen except for a Natural Disaster)

The class consists of 6 , once weekly "classroom" sessions and 2 performances at the Comedy Cellar/ Village Underground and / or another venue. You get DVD's  or video files of each show. The group classes last 3 hours 

The audience for the showcases is completely invited by you the students. They usually take place on weekend afternoons at the Cellar and weeknights  at our sister club The Village Underground.

  IF YOU MISS A CLASS...And people do, There will be 1 general make-up class built into the schedule. It will consist of 10 spots but will be open to 20 students. (from 2 separate classes) Once it's full we can't make up any more. Please try to make all of your scheduled classes.

LEGAL STUFF:  It is understood that to sign up for the class means you are committing to the entire fee of  $450.00 for 6 sessions whether you attend those sessions or not.  

 The Comedy Cellar is hosting Rick Crom’s Comedy Class but is not the responsible party in any transaction or dispute. Rick Crom is the sole proprietor of “Rick Crom’s Comedy Class” and is the responsible party in all transactions or disputes.